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Donations - From the Heart Stitchers

501©3 nonprofit corporation

There are several ways you can donate to From the Heart. You may donate monetarily using Paypal, or take a look at the list below.

  • Physical Shop Address: (no mailings) 1114 Westbriar Drive Richmond, Va 23238
  • Mailing Address: From the Heart, 1425 Crawford Wood Place, Midlothian, Va 23114
  • Phone: 804-305-4971

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Instructions for Paypal if needed.

Other ways you can donate:

  • YARN! We need yarn!
  • Funds to use when we find yarn on sale.
  • Funds to cover postage stamps.
  • Office Supplies
  • Your time and your talents

Donation Inventory Numbers

Mid 2002 - 2015
Grand Total

Nearly there... 1,643 items to go until we reach the quarter million mark.  Given the fantastic rate at which items are turned in (especially when we have a specific goal in mind, I just know we will make it). Can you imagine? One quarter million items. 



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