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Letter from Lois

Can you feel the excitement in the air? It’s coming in just a little less than five months! The Retreat is coming! The Retreat is coming!

Mark your calendars right now…August 29th, 2015. Once you have your registration form in hand, fill it in, add your check and drop it in the mail to Beth Williamson to ensure a spot will be available for you. This year they MUST BE MAILED TO HER! Do NOT drop them in the cash donation box at the shop…MAIL IT RIGHT AWAY!!

Each year our attendance numbers increase significantly to the point we are having to make a few changes in how Retreat day is handled. For starters, NO WALK-INS AT THE DOOR…NO EXCEPTIONS!! Remember that…if you have not registered before our deadline we will not have a space for you. We are sorry it has come to this but we MUST know in advance you are coming in order to have enough chairs, table space and food on hand for everyone. In the past this has been a problem. The only way we can ensure we never again have someone who has registered in advance miss out on lunch because someone who made a last minute decision to attend took the seat and food allotted for them. This year this will not be a problem because we are limiting access to only those whose payment has been received and whose name in on the door-entry list.

That said, we are looking forward to spending another wonderful day honoring our members. As always, there will be very nice take-home treats for each one and best of all, another special From the Heart book to add to your growing library! We will have a limited number of classes and as always, vendors. You know from past years the food will be delicious and don't forget our celebration cake in the afternoon!

About those vendors. You will recognize some from past years but we just may have one or two new-to-you folks as well. Williamsburg Chocolatier will be joining us again (YUM!) and Sterling Jewelry will be returning also. We will have a yarn vendor and back this year after a couple of years absence is Bernice with her awesome soaps and scents! New this year we are planning for Tastefully Simple to join us with lots of goodies and food prep ideas.

So, as you can see, things are shaping up quickly. Actually the wheels have been in motion since about 5 o’clock the afternoon of last year’s Retreat…It really takes that long to put together an event like ours. We are so excited to be gathering again to celebrate our members and are anxiously awaiting YOUR ARRIVAL!

See you at the shop soon and most definitely looking forward to our 10th Annual From the Heart Retreat!







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