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Letter from Lois

I’m going to quote here a few paragraphsfrom a recent article in USA Today. It’sgreat information and will possibly keep us fit longer and thereby able tocontinue supporting our stitching addictions well into our nineties and beyond!

Read it well, put as much of this information into use as youpossibly can. It’s good for you!

“Don’t just sit there. It may be killing you.”

“Getting off the couch and moving more might lengthen yourlife, as well as decrease your risk of dementia, physical disabilities andother serious medical problems.”

“Sitting disease” has been linked to increased risks ofType 2 diabetes, cognitive decline, disability in people over 60, and deathfrom cancer, heart disease and stroke. One study showed that sitting less may lead to a longer life.”

“If you take a brisk walk, jog, swim or do other physicalactivities for a least 30 minutes daily, it’s great for yourhealth, but not enough to offset being sedentary the rest of the day. You still need to move for a least 10 minutesevery hour.”

“Most people spend 10 to 15 hours a day sitting. It sounds kind of irksome, but most peoplesit most of the time. We have to searchour souls pretty deeply to find a time when we are not sitting, and sitting iscontrary to what our bodies are meant to do.”

“The rule of thumb in retirement is the same as during yourwork years: If you’vebeen sitting for an hour, it’s too long. For 10 minutes of every hour you need to beup and moving in what’s called non-exercise movement,because it’s not intentional exercise.”

I think I have come up with a plan to get me up from the sofa butstill continue to work on my small projects. I’ve stitched a small pouch, just large enough for a skein ofyarn for an ongoing hat or pair of socks. I’ve made a strap long enough to cause it to hang at a nicelength, fitting across my opposite shoulder to keep it from slipping off. I’ve gotten good at stitching andwalking! Of course, I only work on verysimple patterns that require very little attention from me. (Don’t want to not look where I’mgoing and trip. If I break an arm thatwould certainly make stitching, whether sitting or walking, verydifficult.)

Give this article some thought. Come up with a plan custom designed just to fit YOU and get moving! We want you active for many, many more yearsto come…we want to see your smiling faces at the shop as often aspossible.!







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