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Letter from Lois

Once again our Dollar Daze event was an overwhelming success. Thank you for your donations, given in exchange for yarn not suitable for From the Heart projects. And, thanks to you we now have on hand or have ordered acrylic yarns in 18 colors (which includes variegated) in worsted weight as well as a thinner yarn for making those precious baby items. Our cubbies are packed with more coming in within the next few weeks. You have enabled us to purchase enough to keep our fingers flying for many months to come!

We do continue to offer those Dollar Daze bins at the shop. You will find them lined up in the "yarn hall" just waiting for you. Make your choices then deposit your donation in our wooden cash box in our front room.

Near the cash box you will see a small 3 shelf cabinet filled with our red, pink and purple books. On top of the cabinet you will see our suggestions box, now posing as our deposit box for $$ donated for our books. Our cost of printing these books was $10.00 for both the red and the pink books. However, our newest, the purple book is a bit thicker containing many more patterns as well as lots of helpful hints and charts. The printing of this one was $12.00 each so keep this in mind when picking up your copy to take home.

We'd love some feedback from you regarding our Dollar Daze set up. I think we did a much better job this year. Last year we had everyone crowded into the yarn hall and beyond. Not a happy situation! It was almost impossible to exit once you had entered that area plus the yarn bins were packed into such a small area it was difficult to go through them in search for that perfect, beautiful selection.

This year, with the sofas spread out and all extra furniture out of sight it was so much easier to peruse the bins. And having them up on the sofas made reaching into them a bit easier on our backs, I think. Books and magazines on the long table, up high enough one could sift through them seemed to be a plus as well.

This has been such a wonderful way to open up space taken by yarn we can't use for creating items for donations, making room for those skeins we use daily for blankets, hats and other items. We will continue hosting our Dollar Daze each autumn...not only is it beneficial but it's soon much fun!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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