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Letter from Lois

As I sit on my deck, stitching in hand, a pair of bluebirds are feasting on meal worms only 6 or 7 feet away. The birds and I look forward to this morning ritual. They chat with me, I pretend to understand and say a few words in reply. We've been doing this for 4 or 5 years now. They even brought their five fledglings last year for lessons in friendliness and of course, finding the perfect worm.

As we sit, enjoying the warm morning sun, a mockingbird comes to a screeching stop in the middle of their worm tray. The frightened little birds explode into the air to avoid being struck. And here I am, waving my white dishtowel to put that offender in his place. The bluebirds count on this. They are only a short distance away, knowing I'm there to protect them while they chatter and enjoy their breakfast. The upsetting part is that in my haste to defend them I jerked my knitting needle completely out of about 40 small gauge stitches on the beautiful shawl I'm knitting!

I've taken to doing a good bit of my stitching outside, on my deck. It's becoming more difficult for me to see my stitches lately. Now don't get the idea that I'm aging...I'm working hard to prevent that! Even so, it is so much more enjoyable outside in the presence of the soft pink blooms of columbine, the beautiful fronds of the Japanese Painted fern and the exuberance of the hostas, all enough to put smiles on my face just thinking about them.

The colors in the shawl I'm stitching reflect the many foliage colors in my gardens. Even in the glistening blue on the wet wings of the little bird playing in her little bird pool, enjoying a fresh dip before returning to her nest duty. Her mate waits patiently atop their home, prepared to defend against unwanted intruders as he enjoys watching his love enjoy her short spell of freedom from the confines of their nest.

My mornings on my deck or in a French wire chair on my patio have been a long time coming. My cabin fever starts around Thanksgiving and relief never comes until the first warm, sunny day when I pack up my stitching supplies and my cup of coffee and head outdoors. Finally, relief is here!

Hope you are enjoying your Spring as much as I am! Bring your stitching and your Spring stories and join us at the shop! We look forward to seeing you there.







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