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Sweater Project - Wise County Remote Area Medical Clinic

In 2016, we received an abundant supply of lovely, high end quality yarn that could not be used in our typical comfort items for distribution.  Even after two Dollar Daze sales, we still had too much yarn to store for future Dollar Daze events.  Lois suggested that we offer a knit and crochet along in early 2017 to make warm sweaters for those in the Wise County area who attend the Remote Area Medical Clinic. 

The challenge was received by eager volunteers who wanted to participate for various reasons.  We learned that many volunteers had never made a sweater but wanted to learn but all wanted to make something special for this worthwhile cause.  We anticipated maybe 30 to 40 sweaters but were stunned when nearly 100 completed sweaters were finished in time for shipment to Wise County.

We captured photographs of some of the garments that were made and sent to RAM in July 2017 so everyone can see the success of this project.  Thanks to everyone who gave from their hearts and we hope you will be inspired after viewing this photo presentation.


September 2017 Newsletter  (best viewed in Google Chrome)

Back in the early days of From the Heart, we had a connection with Norton Community Hospital in Wise County, VA. We stitched lap blankets, chemo hats and many, many newborn items. Once we were established as a volunteer supplier for some of their needs they began to reach out to us for help in other areas.

We learned at that time there was a dire need in their community for a Clothes Closet. Once I spread the word to our members (and they to their neighbors!), the response came in the form of bags and bags of clothing from their own closets. In fact, we collected so many bags it was necessary to use a small box van to transport them!

About that same time I learned that one was not allowed to buy disposable diapers with food stamps...I never knew! We were able to connect with a local Lions Club and with their influence a truck load to those precious items were collected and sent to the Norton area families!

For a number of years we were able to send needed items to Wise County. But as normal, things change. We lost our contact with them. Until about 3 years ago we were unable to reconnect.

But again, things have changed, thanks to our friend, Marianne Booberg. She is a member of the Episcopal Church of The Redeemer in Midlothian, VA and through her we are once again able to contribute, not only to Wise county folks but people from Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Ohio who come to a 3 day weekend of medical and dental treatments provided each year by RAM, a rural area medical organization. These doctors and nurses give freely of their time and talents each summer to people coming to them from those five states and beyond.

This past July when Marianne journeyed to the Wise County Fairgrounds with other volunteers she took not only 25 huge leaf bags of our stitched items, almost 100 of our knit and crochet sweaters from our special spring stitching project but two of our From the Heart members!

Johnnie Wood and Michele Walz spoke at our recent FtH Retreat and gave a glowing report of their recent time at the fairgrounds. They reported experiences not only in areas where our items were being offered and assisting those waiting in the long lines to see the doctors but they even found time to visit Norton Community Hospital to deliver some of our items there!

The many pictures of that RAM event shown during a slide show at our Retreat this year were wonderful and certainly helped our stitchers realize how our talents are so very valuable to those in need. This is something we hope to continue for many years to come and if you feel you would like the experience of seeing just how welcomed you projects are received, don't hesitate to take part in the RAM trip next July!



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