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Letter from Lois

Every day is a brand new day!  Past attitudes and yesterday’s events are just that…PAST!  We can’t let baggage from a previous situation influence our upcoming, brand new day.  We’ve always heard, there may be no tomorrow…make the best of today.  So, let’s start each day anew.  We don’t have to look outside to “feel” sun shining in our lives.  Everything starts fresh, right where we are!

This may be the time to reach out to those with whom we have lost contact.  They are only just a phone call or computer message away.  We might put a smile on the face of someone lonely or long neglected.

Let’s spread our new, positive attitude around.  Be reminded of just how our stitching project affects its recipient.  They may have had a bad day, aren’t well or even feeling unloved.  But, given our hat, blanket, teddy bear or other item, their face will light up!  WE can create that brand new day for someone in need!  I’ll bet even the pets in the shelters can feel our love when they receive that nice, cuddly blanket for their very own.

So, let’s count our blessings and spread a few around.  And don’t forget, come to the shop soon!  Share some love with fellow stitchers!


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