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Letter from Lois

We have bears…12 inch and 9 inch bears! Now all we need are outfits to cover theirbare little bear bodies!

It has been our experience that it’s best if we can give a child a bear wearing a top andpants or skirt as well as hat or head band, maybe little socks or bootees andeven a little purse or backpack, The more pieces we supply, the better to keeptheir little hands busy. Your bear maygo to a child who has been hurt, might be having some type of treatment, couldbe sitting in a waiting room or just generally scared for any number ofreasons. If we can offer some comfort tohelp them through whatever situation they are facing it will not only bepleasing for them but could possibly have a calming effect on their parents aswell.

We have patterns in our pink bookfor both knit and crochet outfits, or you just might want to create your ownunique pattern. Anything goes!

It would also be nice if we couldget enough of these little critters ready in time for holiday gifts for childrenin need.

Another consideration…we have learned that dementia patients can benefitfrom having a “baby” to cuddle. When they have one snuggled in their armsthey just seem more content. We haveattempted to make outfits for the larger bears that resemble a baby gown orlonger dress so these can be use in place of dolls. Give it some thought, you just might want togive this a try!

Either way, bears for kids orbears for adults, we can use your help. Stop by the shop soon and make your bear selection.

See you at the shop!







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