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Letter from Lois

What should I stitch next?

I thought it would be a chemo hat/scarf set, or set to be sent to the Appalachian area for next fall, but then, we got the call for baby blankets for the military organization, Operation Homefront. I grabbed my supplies and patterns. My blanket reached (and still is) about 6 inches long. But, when I visited an infusion center I was asked about shawls so, again, I compiled all the necessities and got one going. That project made it to about 8 inches before I was once again side tracked by the suggestion of preemie items.

Now, that's more my speed! Small, quick, get something completed! I can do that!

But, now...I've done it again. At that point I had 8 (now 9!) incomplete projects in my very large bag....

Does this happen to you? I'm not unique am I? Influenced by every suggestion? Wanting to cover all needs in all areas?

Well, I can tell you it isn't working for me. My suggestion is to focus in on the need closest to your heart and stitch toward it. Is it veterans? We can certainly use blankets for them. Is it cancer? Such a need here as well. Teal colored chemo hats for those dealing with ovarian cancer, other colors for men, women and children in various sizes. And don't forget those sleep caps. Nice, soft, smooth head warmers for naps and nighttime...such a comfort when made from Simply Soft (100% cotton tends to be too scratchy for sleep caps)! It's almost impossible to get that needed sleep when your head feels chilled.

And BABY, BABY, BABY! As I've already mentioned, we are working toward 100 baby blankets approximately 36" square for Operation Homefront. The hats we already have on hand. Now we are just waiting on blankets to match up into sets. Once that deadline passes we are faced with another 100 blanket/hat sets each for both the Capital Area Health Network (Richmond city) and Chesterfield Health's baby showers. These are usually due by early November.   And just a reminder... those hats must fit over that 5-inch ball about which we constantly talk. We have a nice supply of those balls on hand for our groups.   If your stitchers would like to have a couple on hand just let us know. We'll get them to you ASAP.

So, it's never quiet! The need seems to outdo our stitching every time! But we keep trying to make a dent in the constant lack of comfort items on hand at hospitals, nursing homes, memory care facilities, dialysis centers, veterans and hospice locations, the homeless and many other locations. We know you are always willing to do your part...that's all we ask! And please, know how much we appreciate every single item you submit. We could never do this without YOU!

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