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October 2016

I’m on my deck again this morning. The temperature is a bit chilly so now I’m trying to decide - knit socks? Crochet shawls, or maybe some warm, school kid size sweaters? I’ll bet if I make a stack of these I can find a way to get them to those Appalachian children before winter sets in. I could add matching hats as well! I’m sure their adults would like a little of that love as well, but an adult sweater? Now that takes a while and, as you may remember, my attention span…

Just wondering - what are you working on? Bernice and I just finished those 50 “manly” washcloths for the Powhatan prisoners, the need about which we learned at our Retreat. I haven’t started on dressing the 50 bears they would like for kids of prisoners at Christmas. I’m hoping we get lots of help on those!

I’ve made a stack of those crocheted “horseshoe” shaped, stay-on shawls. Those I’ve passed along to the Coalition of Churches in Powhatan though a longtime friend, Patsy.

When planning your next project, please realize how special you are to those in need. Those who feel so loved and special when you share the gift of your stitches, you put smiles on their faces. It may be that your comfy hat or soft, sweet blanket is what greets then each morning when they rise. You bring a great feeling to them. It’s you who create a bright spot for them. It’s our job to keep the stitches flying, the smiles beaming and our own special warmth wrapped around those who just may crave a little something just for them.

This fall season is so busy for all of us. I’ve been cleaning up our garden beds, emptying out the old birdhouse bedding (7 of them now!), cleaning up our bird feeders and getting lots of suet and seeds ready for the upcoming cold weather (not my favorite time of year). Gotta keep the wildlife happy! And gotta keep those in need warm and smiling :) We can do this! We can share our love and concern…one “magic” stitch at a time! Come by the shop soon, pick up your yarn, patterns or maybe it’s just inspiration you need…we are ready for you!


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