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Letter from Lois

I’ve come up with a plan…well, it’s working for me…and just might be your “thing” as well. What I’m doing, and because I just want to use up a lot of the black and white yarn taking up sooooooo much space at the shop, I’m making a blanket. Not just any blanket but one of those larger ones. This one should be about 38 by 68 or 70 when completed.

I’ve started with purple for 2” then switched to black for 5”. From there I’ve gone to 5 inches of white then back to 2 inches of purple. I picked purple as my third color only because there is almost as much of it as there is black and white at the shop! I’m sure most any contrasting color would look fantastic. Now the width of your strips could vary. It all depends entirely on your preference.

Anyway,I really like the way this is working out and it certainly will use up some of those skeins that have been sitting in their cubbies, like forgotten prisoners,peeking through the mesh, sad faces and all. This will brighten their outlook and most definitely will bring smiles to someone in need of a soft, cuddly hug.

Actually we do have a need for those wider, longer than usual blankets. They are just perfect for the bone marrow transplant patients. Those folks sometimes spend as much as 6 weeks in that cancer unit and a little love sent them by From the Heart could just make a big difference to them. Also, those going through dialysis appreciate a longer blanket as well. As I understand, they are in a more reclined position than infusion patients there by requiring a longer covering to keep them cozy during their long hours of treatment.

Give this some thought as it may be a good chance for you to use up some of your own stash or, stop by the shop and browse through the yarn area. Be sure to bring your needles or hook, pick whatever yarn colors jump out at you and just hang out with the “sofa gang” in the front room. I can guarantee you will have a terrific, relaxing day! Hope to see you soon at the shop!






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