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Letter from Lois

I've been told we are very low on adult hats for this season. I'm sure you may feel you have certainly stitched your share of hats recently but could we please ask for just a few more?

These should be in adult sizes and warm enough for outdoor use. We have a very large selection of suitable wool blend yarns at the shop. You will find them in their normal cubbie spot, just beside the door to the workroom but in the far back, just beside the furnace you will find a great number of skeins in bins labeled for these projects.

Hats could be crochet or knit...either will be very warm. You may use your tried and true patterns, check our website (, look on the head hugger's website or stop by the shop for a firsthand look at just how some of the patterns work up. You may even decide to google for something just a little different if you like. If you run into a problem with your stitching, check with our shop keepers during regular open hours for a little help.

As many hats as we have already distributed, we just never seem to have enough to go around. We send many of them to the local homeless centers, McGuire veterans are on our list, a great number of them go to school systems and this year we were able to supply quite a few to Christmas Mother programs. This year we have had requests from nursing homes, were patients are not very mobile and with lack of movement circulation problems cause residents to feel chilled. We recently received a request from a hospice center, stating that same problem.

So as you can see...HATS, HATS, HATS...that's our greatest need at this time! Guy colors, girlie colors, funky colors...anything goes. Just be sure they are large enough to fit a full size adult and wool blends to make them warm. Try them on. Check to be sure they will cover your ears easily and don't forget to tag with RED yarn if they contain wool :-)

As your projects are completed, please drop them by the shop or turn in at your next stitchers meeting. We are doing our best to keep as many heads warm as possible this year. We truly appreciate all you do and you just know how many really big smiles you are creating!

See you very soon at the shop!






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