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Letter from Lois
March, 2015

Blankets - I know we continue to hear the pleas for more of them…okay, I can make another one, but where will it go? Who will it benefit? Is it REALLY necessary?

First, yes…it is desperately needed. And second, have you noticed how warm you are under the ever increasing fabric as you stitch? (An added benefit during these cold, single digit temperatures!)

Which size will you make? Well, depends on how long you want to work on the first one before starting on the next one, for which, by the way, ideas have been forming in your head the entire time you have been racing to complete the current project! What color? Which yarn? Leftovers, pounders…what will you choose?

Maybe you just love working with the pastels, the sport weight yarn…Easy! Sounds like baby blankets are next for you. It could be one of those colorful, clutchin’ or draggin’ blankets for a toddler. Maybe something at least 24 inches up to even36 inches. These little kids don’t really care about the shape, square or rectangle,not a problem. But soft, that they would love!

And still thinking about babies,how about a nice cozy blanket for that full term newborn. Only about a day old, full of life, wiggly,maybe something about 2 feet to 2 and a half feet will be perfect. Large enough to keep him covered in his new car seat for the trip home, not so big he’s lost in it!

And those little preemies…while still in the NICU our blankets aren’t used very often but again, for that ride home, at only 4 or 5 pounds, their blanket will serve to keep them warm but are smaller than that of their cousin, the full term 8 pounder. These little ones only need about a 20 to 24inches square for the perfect fit. If working with those thinner yarns isn’t for you, the soft, worsted weight will be just fine for these babies.

However, those heavier yarns are just right for all of the needed adult blankets. For the lap blankets and the tie-ons going to nursing homes and hospice care centers, something brightly colored, variegated textures, (add a few rows of fun fur type yarn here and there!), these work up quickly. Don’t forget to add that cord to one narrow end for typing around the patients’ waist for a stay-on blanket.

Or maybe you could make a blanket a little larger so it could be used for chemo or dialysis patients. Again, bright, cheerful colors, add some texture if you like, and for dialysis patients, stay away from the pale colors that could show stains so easily.

Your largest blankets will surely be enjoyed by our homeless citizens. But bone marrow transplant could be their destination. These folks will spend about 6 weeks in their rooms while undergoing treatments. The rooms I have seen were WHITE! So, we try to give them COLOR! Of course, these blankets are made of washable yarn but COLOR, that’s the main ingredient…texture too, but probably rather than fun fur type yarn, maybe create a little interest with patterns or unusual stitches. Now this isn’t necessary, they will love your blanket for its color - and as all our other recipients, the smiles will be enormous.

So pick up your yarn at the shop,grab your hooks and needles, refer to the Project Sizes chart here in your newsletter and enjoy the warmth as your project grows. Enjoy the feeling of being a beacon in someone else’s life. And don’t forget - SMILE as you stitch! Remember, you are the biggest and most wonderful asset at From the Heart.

See you at the shop!






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