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Letter from Lois

What touches your heart?

Is it the Alzheimer patients who benefit from our “muffs” to help occupy their busy hands?  And don’t forget, they love a snuggly teddy bear!

Is it the cancer patients, men or women, who would love a nice comfortable hat or blanket to cuddle them during treatments?

Or those sweet children having to endure cruel chemo infusions?

There are dialysis patients who, we understand, are so chilled during the long hours, sometimes several times each week, going through their life saving treatments.  They enjoy the long toe-to-neck blankets and even fingerless mitt (these allow them to be warm but still turn the pages of their book.

Hospice patients are also so very special.  On the very edge of life, feeling the warmth of a soft, hand stitched blanket might be so comforting.

Our homeless, be they women, men or children, feeling hopeless, living on cold dark streets at night with only the shirts on their backs.  Blankets any time of year as well as wooly hats and scarves in cold weather would give them the feeling that someone knows they are out there and really cares.

Maybe it’s the folks in our Appalachian areas.  They are always so very thankful for anything we can share with them.  They need so much and we do our best to help out.

There are patients in nursing homes and rehab centers who sometimes spend long days watching the world go by from their beds or wheelchairs.  Some of them, being immobile, suffer from circulatory problems.  Warm lap robes, shawls and even light weight hats would be a blessing to them.  Maybe a few teddy bears here as well?

And we always enjoy making the smaller hats and baby blankets for the NICU and full-term nurseries.  These items are always so precious and soft!

Where does your head go? With which group or groups do you most connect?

We encourage you to stitch for those who come the closest to your heart.  Come by the shop for inspiration.  Check out the cubbies for just the perfect yarn for your project.  Pick up a pattern or two.  But most of all, stitch for those with whom you can envision enjoying your love.

See you at the shop soon!


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