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Letter From Lois

It’s time once again to put hooks and needles to yarn and begin dressing all those bare bears for the “Christmas Season at the Prison”.  As you probably remember, these are used as gifts from dads to children…kids they may only see at these special times during their incarceration.

As you are familiar with by now, each year we create about 100 wonderfully dressed little 9 inch tall bears.  Some patterns for their outfits can be found scattered throughout our red, pink, purple and blue books, of which most of us have a copy of each on our home shelves…if not, you can pick one up at the shop to add to your collection!

Could be you are one who can just whip up a pattern as you go along, and like most of us, forget how we did it upon completion.  If you are one of these lucky folks, how about making notes as you stitch in case someone else might like to give your ideas a try?

Our deadline this year for this project will be the first week of November, 2017.   Stop by the shop as soon as you can for your supplies.  We have lots of bears and the box of leftover yarn balls in the back area are just perfect for such quick little stitching projects such as these. 

Come in soon!  Some of you haven’t been in a while and we truly do miss you!


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