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You may remember in my Letter from Lois in June I mentioned how we would like to be able to "spread our love" to other communities in Virginia. From this suggestion we have had a number of calls and emails from outlying areas interested in having a little help with their start up attempts. To date we have gotten a nice group of stitchers on board in Farmville, anxious to make a difference in their community. On my very first visit to them they already had 47 projects completed and have many facilities in mind as recipients! They are on their way to making a difference right there in their own neighborhoods!

On another note, you may also remember our notices to you regarding helping folks in Wise county and surrounding areas. Well, you really came through for them! We were able to donate many, many items from our own closets at well as bags and bags of hand stitched projects. The volunteers delivering to them as well as the recipients were overwhelmed with our generosity!

I understand the volunteers as well as the doctors and dentists were working in an open fairground location in less than ideal was cold and rainy their entire 3 days there!! The lines were long waiting for treatments, the patients were getting wet and soggy, babies were crying and miserable. Then the teenagers in the volunteer force got the great idea of wrapping wet babies in our blankets, wrapping other blankets around the shoulders of parents and distributing hats and scarves to everyone! Even dentists were seen working on extracting teeth while clad in our hats! I understand it looked like a Minnie Pearl convention with all the From the Heart dove tags flapping in the wind! I would have loved to have seen that first hand! What a sight it must have been.

The help for that region doesn't stop there. We believe we have once again been able to connect with their hospital and school as we have in the past and will be helping make a difference in that remote, depressed area. We may even be able to help them learn to stitch, assist them in finding yarn sources in an attempt at helping themselves. What a great thing that would be! This is still in the works but I'm sure you will be hearing more of this as we work to find a way to make it all happen.

And last, maybe....just maybe...we may have a free location to hold get-togethers in the Brandermill, Woodlake, Ashbrook, Hampton Park area. I don't have it fully worked out but it certainly looks promising! More on this the moment it all comes together. Any ideas you may have in reaching folks in those areas with invitations to joining in the fun would be welcome.

Things are looking good for the future of From the Heart in the outer reaches of our state. We CAN make a difference in THEIR own back yards...WE CAN DO THIS!







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