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Letter from Lois -September 2014

"Plays well with others". I know you have heard that said many times over the years. But did you ever think how it relates to our From the Heart stitchers?

Whenever a group of stitchers congregates, almost immediately a "stress free zone" is created. Stitchers have such positive, inspiring attitudes. You may come in to a gathering for a short while, just to sit and stitch. You will always find ongoing conversations ...after all, these are predominately groups of ladies we are talking about! You may have started your day with so many problems on your mind but, pick up that yarn and your tool of choice and very soon, after just a few short rows you will notice a change in your mood, you may sink deeper into your chair, so relaxed that you very well may even notice a slight smile creeping across your face.

It's easy to understand why our shop has become such a popular place. We schedule 2 sets of 2 members to handle the roles of hostesses each day but rarely are they the only people in the building. Any time during open hours you can easily find 6, 8 or even more stitchers 'hanging out', each with their own situations outside those walls but communicating as one while within that stress free zone.

Beginners may walk in needing help with their projects, or maybe they are ready to step their stitching knowledge up a notch. They are certain to find answers to any questions they may have or that next level pattern, right there in the stress free zone!

Maybe it's the experienced stitcher, a little bored using their same patterns so many times they can make their projects with their eyes closed. There are many, many pattern books to challenge that crafter, to keep their stitching interesting.

We've all experienced it...stitching and creating is addictive. To 'fuel' your addiction just stop by the shop. You will be amazed at the choices in yarn and patterns there. And you will always find someone anxious to help you over any stumbling block. If the West End shop at 1114 Westbriar Drive is not within you range, check out the monthly calendar and you will surely find just the meeting spot to suit your taste.

Looking forward to seeing you very, very soon







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