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Babies, Babies & More Babies!!

In talking with St Francis Hospital I learned they are “birthing” about 175 babies each month and Johnston Willis is bring about 160 into this world.  Then there are several other hospitals in our area as well to which our hats are distributed.

I took a bag of hats to St Francis and ask them to the take a look and let me know what size is ideal for most of their babies.  I was told that most of our hats are way too small and go into a box to be used for demise.  A few were about right for preemies but I understand they don’t really put hats on those babies since their little skulls are sooooooo soft.  They don’t want to put any pressure on them.

The hat that was chosen from those I gave to them is a little larger.  It was suggested I get a 5 inch styrofoam ball and make hats that, when stretched, will go over it.  Hats need to be long enough to cover ears as well.  A hat large enough to fit that ball when stretched will fit not only a large baby but an average size one as well

So, I have two 5 inch balls I’m taking to the shop along with a couple of hats that will stretch to fit them.  I’m hoping to have patterns with the hats.  You are welcome to use our patterns or those you already enjoy making.  You might even wish to purchase one of those balls (I found these at Michaels but I’m sure you could find them other places as well).  Try drawing ears on the ball and you will have the perfect hat form for measuring your baby hats!  

When you bring in your baby hat donations, see if they will stretch over one of the 5 inch balls.  With this guideline we will surely be on our way to creating a lot of smiles on the faces of not only nurses but moms and dads as well 

We really, really need baby hats but they must be sized better than we have had in the past. 

Baby hats are fast!  Jump in the fun and stitch up a handful soon!

See you at the shop :)


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