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Letter from Lois

Knitted Knockers?

You're kidding, right? No, not kidding at all

I'm sure many of you have seen the write up in the Richmond Times Dispatch, Monday, March the 27th, first page, Metro section. But, in the meantime...In case you have not seen the local paper and are in the dark about this program, I'll try to fill you in.

The article refers to a group of stitchers in a Roanoke yarn shop who are making soft breast prostheses and donating them to Knitted Knockers for women who have lost breasts to cancer.

I remember knitting these 6 or 7 years ago, dozens and dozens of them! But at that time the requests for them in our area were minimal, to say the least!

I've have many calls and emails from our members showing interest in getting involved in this program. I've asked if these would be of interest in our area and am still awaiting a response. So...I've decided...If this is what you want, SURE! LET'S DO THIS!

My idea is that if you want to give this a try, terrific! If there isn't an urgent need in our locality, no problem! Put your finished "boobs" in a bag with my name on it, drop them by the shop, I'll mail them off for you to those who have asked for them. But, in order for them to be accepted they MUST be made from specific yarns (see a list on that website or at our shop) Once completed you MUST attach that yarn label to each knocker. I have sorted through all our of cotton yarn and did find 16 or 18 skeins that fit the list. You may like to drop by our shop, check out our supply and take a couple if you like, while that supply lasts.

I found there is a knit and a crochet pattern included on that before mentioned website or if you like, I do have a knit pattern I created all those years ago for using magic loop rather than double point needles, So, if you are still interested...and I'm sure quite a few of you are "chomping at the bit" to get started, go for it! Once you have them ready, drop them off and I'll send them on their way!

Oh, one more thing...IF they won't be used here locally and IF they are to be mailed off, I understand you need not stuff them as described in the patterns but we can mail them flat and the recipient group will do that finishing for us.

So, IF you are still interested, IF you have the proper pattern and yarns, and IF you truly complete a few...I'll collect, mail and report back just how many we contribute to this worthy cause.

Thank you and hope to see you soon at the shop!


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